Welcome to de" Purihita Villa Bali

dE" Purihita Villa means in Balinese is " RUMAH DAMAI "Or " HOME FOR PEACE " Designed for whom need relaxation, peace and privacy specially for family.

dE" Purihita Villa Bali in Seminyak Bali, idealy located to enjoy nearby Seminyak beach, shopping, spa, restaurant and cafes.

De Purihita design express common Balinese style and home comfort so you can experience the delight of tropical Balinese living. this two-bedroom with capacities 6pax, and optional 2 extrabed. Each bathroom have with shower and bathtub.

Others facilities are open area litlle office, livingroom, dinning area and pantry.Guest also can exercise cardio *(spinning bike – fitness standart equipment " LEMOND " ) and Yoga relaxation cornner area.

One thing's for sure de Purihita villa is bound to delight families, attract coples and seduce even the most hardened workoholic into restful submission.


Sincerelly yours,

de Purihita Villa, Seminyak Bali